Our Mares

Eclat Jewel
 1991 black Leopard mare
97% ApHC FPD
ApHC # 506552
 By Solar Flair Éclat out of Leopard Boots
She is one of Frank Scripter's original mares.
Carries the bloodlines of Money Creek Ambition, Siri Sheik, Chub's Powderface, Azul, Toby II, Rainy Moon, Pal, Sundance, Woodrow Sheik, Apache, Utah, Shavano, Chief Chelsea, Chief of Fourmile, Pepper's Shamrock and Patchy.
We have brought her 2 few spot daughters, Eclats Mystic Wind and Dream Maker Windsong and her leopard daughter, Astral Spirit Wind, back to our farm to continue her legacy. 

Dream Makers Eclipse
youtube video
2003 black blanketed mare
97% ApHC FPD
FAHR Registered
By Dream Makers Rio out of Strawmaiden Fleet
15.3 hh
Her bloodlines include Candy, Toby I, Patchy, Morgan's Leopard x3, Sundance 500, Woodrow Sheik x2, Leopard Cortez x3, Simcoe's Sarcee x2, Siri Sheik x2, Chief Navajo x6, Chief Chelsea, Pratt Toby Secret, Ulrich Many Coups and Pepper's Shamrock. 
She will be having 2018 off.

Dream Makers Appaloosas
Bred for Color, Conformation and Personality

Silver Cheetah Spot
youtube video
2006 Blue Roan mare
97% ApHC FPD
ApHC # 649571
ICAA F3-2678
FAHR 1005
By My Silver Eagle out of Ebony Mirage Spot 
Her bloodlines include Toby I x2, Candy x3, Patchy x4, Morgan's Leopard x6, Sundance 500 x3, Woodrow Sheik x2, Joker B, Apache, Leopard Cortez x6, Simcoe's Sarcee x5, Shavano, Siri Sheik x3, Chief Navajo x6, Chief Chelsea, Bambi E. x2, Sonseeray x2, Kaniksus Spots, Solar Flair Éclat, Pratt Toby Secret, Ulrich Many Coups, Cedar Ridge Spot and Pepper's Shamrock. 
She will have 2018 off.

Angel Solarmisle
1997 Black Leopard mare 
87% ApHC FPD
ApHC # 565702
ICAA F2-2672
By Solarmisle Coyote out of Gingham.
Her bloodlines include Solar Flair Eclat, Go Wampum Cash,  Chubs Powderface, Money Creek lines, Wapiti , Rainy Moon x2, Toby I, Patchy x6, Sundance 500 x6, Woodrow Sheik, Apache, Utah x2, Siri Sheik, Chief Chelsea, Chief of Fourmile, Bambi E., Navajo Britches x2, Mansfields Comanche x13 and Pepper's Shamrock.
She is 5 Panel Negative.
Color tested Ee aa nn dd gg
She is bred to CTR Earth Windn Fire for an April 2018 foal.