More of Our Mares
Dream Makers Appaloosas
Bred for Color, Conformation and Personality

Fall Fawn Fleet
2010 Smoky Black Mare
93% ApHC FPD
By Bolder Than Bold out of Nice N Black Fleet
Bred by the late Don Miller.
Carries the bloodlines of Wapiti, WW Plucky Play, High Hand x2, Spotted Eagle, Joker B., Juaquin x2,  and Zebra Pal.
She is sweet and willing to please.

Sun Ray Fleet
2003 Palomino with faint black spots and blaze
87% ApHC FPD
Her bloodlines reflect the breeding of Don Millers best.
Bloodlines include WW Plucky Play and Shorty Robin.
She stands 16 hh

Dream Makers DrmWevr
'Dream Weaver'
youtube video
2013 Non-Characteristic Blue Roan 
97% ApHC FPD
By the late GHR Howling Wind out of Dream Makers Eclipse. 
She is Howl's last daughter.
Her bloodlines include Candy, Toby I, Patchy, Morgan's Leopard x3, Sundance 500 x2, Woodrow Sheik x3, Leopard Cortez x3, Simcoe's Sarcee x2, Siri Sheik x4, Chief Navajo x7, Chief Chelsea, Pratt Toby Secret, Ulrich Many Coups, Bambi E, Money Creeck Rockledge and Pepper's Shamrock x2.
Dream Weaver is tall,athletic and has elegant carriage.
She has been retained for our breeding program and is bred to Sonic, for a very heavily Ghostwind bred foal. She is due April 2018.

Eclats Mystic Wind
2003 Black Few Spot
97% ApHC FPD
By Apache's Kid Galahad out of Éclat Jewel
Mystic is a beautiful, elegant mare. 
She has the bloodlines of Apache x2, Starbuck Leopard x2, Chub's Powderface, Money Creek, Pepper's Shamrock x5, Desert Dancer, Sundance 500 x5, Toby x2, Patchy x4, El Morocco x2, Azul x6, Rainy Moon x9, Woodrow Sheik, Siri Sheik x5, Chief Chelsea, Sonseeray x2, Apache Polar Star, Solar Flair Éclat and Butana. 
She has 2018 off.

DreamMakers Windsong
2008 Black Few Spot 
​97% ApHC FPD
By Dream Makers Rio out of Éclat Jewel
Carries the bloodlines of Money Creeks Ambition, Siri Sheik x4, Shavano, Chub's Powderface, Azul x6, Toby II x2, Rainy Moon x7, Pal, Sundance x5, Woodrow Sheik x3, Apache, Utah x2, Shavano, Chief Chelsea x2, Chief of Fourmile, Pepper's Shamrock x3, Leopard Lady x2, Red Eagle x2, Candy x3, Zebra Pal, Morgan's Leopard x5, Juaquin x3, Leopard Cortez x3, Simcoes Chinook x3, Simcoes Sarcee x3, Chief Navajo x6, Bambie B. x2, Patchy x4, Solar Flair Éclat, Dun Roven Chelsea's Image and Ulrich Many Coups x2
She is bred to Sonic for a 2018 foal.
Messer Lucys Beauty
2000 Black Leopard
93% ApHC FPD
By Scrips Desert Apache out of Diamond Boomerang
She carries the bloodlines of Azul x2, Starbuck Leopard II, Rainy Moon, Pal, Red Eagle x3, Candy x4, Zebra Pal, Morgan's Leopard x6, Sundance 500 x4, Woodrow Sheik x4, Apache, Juaquin x4, Leopard Cortez x4, Utah x5, Zebra Dun, Simcoe's Chinook x3, Simcoe's Sarcee x3, Siri Sheik x2, Chief Navajo x8, Butana, Bambie E. x2, Pepper's Shamrock x2, Chub's Powderface, Angel Many Spots, Ulrich's Papillon and Ulrich's Many Coups x2.
She has 2018 off.

Dream Makers Piper
2014 Black Leopard
100% ApHC FPD
​By CTR Earth Windn Fire out of Silver Cheetah Spot
This girl is a powerhouse of bloodlines, as her grand sires are My Silver Eagle and RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain. Atta has gone to Scotland for a dressage program.
This girl has the sweet personality to go with her OUTSTANDING looks. At 3 hrs old she was already kissing on our faces and practically laying in our laps!
Out of 2 leopards, this girl has high amounts of leopards in her background.
Should mature to 15+hh.
Her pedigree is amazing from all the great breeders of the past!! 
​Her bloodlines include Spotted Eagle, Starbuck Leopard II, Leopard Lady x2, Polar Star, Rainy Moon x6, Toby I x4, Zebra Pal x4, Candy x3, Patchy x8, Morgan's Leopard x12, Sundance 500 x6, Woodrow Sheik x5, Joker B. x4, Apache, Leopard Cortez x12, Simcoe's Sarcee x7, Shavano, Siri Sheik x7, Chief Navajo x6, Chief Chelsea x2, Chief of Fourmile, , Bambi E. x5, Navajo Britches, Mansfield's Comanche x2, Sonseeray x2, Kaniksus Spots, Solar Flair Éclat x3, Tomahawk II Pratt Toby Secret, Ulrich Many Coups, Ulrich Papillon, Chubs Powderface, Desert King, Cedar Ridge Spot and Pepper's Shamrock x5.