Beck's Commanche
My boy at age 27!!
Commanche the babysitter.
Commanche in charge??
Dream Makers Appaloosas
Bred for Color, Conformation and Personality
A word on Commanche
I was blessed with the time to be around this magnificant horse for a few years.  I watched him raise little ones like Mesa, Eclipse, Mystic Wind, Koda, Destiny and others with such patience.  He was an awesome babysitter and caretaker. 
When his vision was lost, we tied a bell to his best friend, Nakiah's halter so that he could find her at any time.  They were the best of friends, and this fine horse is so sorely missed.  We all love you, wonderful boy.
Commanche with baby Koda.
Commanche and his girl Nakiah.
Commanche with his new charge, Koda.
Feb 2005